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Extra Fashion Tips: Horror details Urban Survival

Today we learn small tricks to deal with cloths dig situations where the danger is around the corner and could upset threatening our peace.
The city life is not always easy to deal with, with the excuse of the crowd and confusion of the bad guys haunt the public peace and act almost unhindered between petty theft and palpate unsolicited.
Likewise you can fear the dark stillness of the desolate village of a few souls who do not instill much serenity when you are on the street late at night.


As usual street style is master of life and reveals that the horrifying detail is a lifeline, an impassable barrier, an iron shield.
Do your best, as well as those who preceded you:

Sandals solleticosi flavored s-truzzo

Bag donated by the card of “The East” Pearl after ten spring rolls
Duvet Mysa Vete Ikea, degree of heat one, knotted at the waist
Denim with permanent
Sheer knee black 15den, now below cost to Coop
Cuffs rattles ethnic pride