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Extra Fashion Tips: Horror details Urban Survival

Today we learn small tricks to deal with cloths dig situations where the danger is around the corner and could upset threatening our peace.
The city life is not always easy to deal with, with the excuse of the crowd and confusion of the bad guys haunt the public peace and act almost unhindered between petty theft and palpate unsolicited.
Likewise you can fear the dark stillness of the desolate village of a few souls who do not instill much serenity when you are on the street late at night.


As usual street style is master of life and reveals that the horrifying detail is a lifeline, an impassable barrier, an iron shield.
Do your best, as well as those who preceded you:

Sandals solleticosi flavored s-truzzo

Bag donated by the card of “The East” Pearl after ten spring rolls
Duvet Mysa Vete Ikea, degree of heat one, knotted at the waist
Denim with permanent
Sheer knee black 15den, now below cost to Coop
Cuffs rattles ethnic pride

Editorial | Toni Garrn for Vogue Spain (Oct. 13)

Lets give to the editorials of the week a new beginning! To soften a bitthe gloomy atmosphere that is out of (my) window, today I propose you an editorial starring: a beautiful (summery) sunny day (to dream a little bit), lots of warm autumn clothes and some trends (eg. pastel colors, the shades of purple, over the knee boots and shades of burgundy) that we will see on the streets of our cities and of the blogosphere in the coming months, even the cooler ones. This seems to me to be a good way to start over right?

model: Toni Garrn 
photographer: – David Bellemere
magazine: Vogue Spain (Oct. 13)

Accessories | BEChic : shocking bracelets F/W collection

Remember the Shocking Bracelet collection of signed BeChic I told you about this summer? Im here to present the latest version of the autumn collection, which Im sure will win over your heart!

Used alone, color-combined with each other or in contrasting shades, they create a sophisticated and gritty style. The combination of colored soft touch silicone and extra-large chain to make every look ultra-glam.

The  available shades are: Anthracite (with dark silver chain), Smoky (with dark silver chain), Porcelain (with dark silver chain), Burgundy (with gold chain), Taupe (with chain gold) and Chypre (with chain gold). All bracelets are nickel-free and the price of the creations is € 12.90, which is very accessible especially for the increasingly high quality of the product. What do you think?

Shopping | Premium Boots from Timberland: a neverending trend!

If you are looking for a pair of shoes perfect for autumn and winter season, which are trendy, comfortable, rugged, casual and perfect for any climate: your choice can not help but fall on the Premium Boot by Timberland or THE boots.

Waterproof upper , high quality shoes made with leather, padded collar for comfort and engraved outsole : all the necessary features to survive the cold months of the year without losing the sense of style. The price? Just under 200 €: a smart investment for a pair of shoes that are in fashion since many years and for many years will look good in your closet or at your feet. Do you own them? And if not, would you buy them?

Read Seung-Hyo Choi‘s to What are some good boots? on Quora

What is latest in Fashion?

Few years back only cloths were in fashion and known as new fashion but today’s fashion is not only cloths it includes clothes, shoes sandals, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. Just like cloths these things also change according to the fashion and latest styles.

Today fashion is being followed in all the countries of the world according to their tradition, culture and style. People from different categories follow those styles and latest fashions according to their budgets and limits. Most of them don’t follow anything they make their own styles and setup their own style, they have certain reasons for that and they also think that fashion is just nothing or waste of time.

By showcasing new and latest fashionable cloths and also introducing new styles and ways of carrying cloths and accessories these designers and trend setters are making a very smart amount also by doing different fashion exhibitions. Fashion has changed the standard of living of people and they love to look like fashionable and dressed up according to the latest style that is why fashion is important.

Some people do not think about others they just want to look good for their own and get dressed up and do fashion for their own self not for others. They feel proud and comfortable doing fashion for their own self. There are different benefits for those who love to do fashion such as you can achieve your goals and be success and it also helps you in your professional life You can be very successful in your professional life because people give new and different chances to fashionable people.

By doing fashion you can also others about your taste and show them the way you dressed up and carry yourself because that is the way you can show others what you are and what your taste is.  It also represents your style and personality.…