Accessories | BEChic : shocking bracelets F/W collection

Remember the Shocking Bracelet collection of signed BeChic I told you about this summer? Im here to present the latest version of the autumn collection, which Im sure will win over your heart!

Used alone, color-combined with each other or in contrasting shades, they create a sophisticated and gritty style. The combination of colored soft touch silicone and extra-large chain to make every look ultra-glam.

The  available shades are: Anthracite (with dark silver chain), Smoky (with dark silver chain), Porcelain (with dark silver chain), Burgundy (with gold chain), Taupe (with chain gold) and Chypre (with chain gold). All bracelets are nickel-free and the price of the creations is € 12.90, which is very accessible especially for the increasingly high quality of the product. What do you think?