About Tuzi

Hi everyone!
Im Susanna, born in 1987, Im a college student from Turin (Italy), who has a lot of interests and one big passion: writing. Writing about anything, and in particular about things I like obviously!

I opened this blog, because after having looked around on the net internationally I found out that exist many people which, like I do, like to talk and read about fashion, but not only the fashion that we see on runaways and not accessable to normal people, but also and mostly about steet style fashion, open to everyone, and in particular to younger people who want to dress well without going out of money. For these reasons, here I am!
I hope that some of you will be glad to read my fashion-thoughts and maybe give some contribution even with a little comment!

I thank you in advance and I swear you a good reading!

Susanna, or better Tuzi